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Why Secret Santa is the Best Christmas Tradition

Getting together for the holidays shouldn’t break the bank. When you’re on a budget, checking off the list of all of your cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, and anyone else who might turn up to the family gathering can be a daunting task.  The gift exchange can turn

Avoiding the Winter Weight

After long, hot, summers in Texas, I find myself longing for colder weather. While other states brace for harsh snow storms and perpetual darkness, Texans look forward to a comfortable, and welcomed, chill. Instead of parkas, snow boots, shovels, and hours indoors,Texans lavish in trendy sweaters, pumpkin patches, light scarves,

Why You Don’t Need to Make New Friends When You Move

When my husband and I moved, we were excited and motivated to jump right into a new social scene. Back home, we went out several times a week, hosted dinner parties, even had a monthly game night. Call it naïveté or plain wishful thinking, I expected the invites and group




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