Gifting 101: A Guide to Wrapping up the Holidays

Posted On December 10, 2019

With the holidays just around the corner, we find ourselves constantly on the lookout for presents. Something budget-friendly for the girls. Something thoughtful for the hubby. Something Dad will use. Something light enough to ship to the in-laws. Something pretty for Mom. Something sturdy for the dog. The list goes on and on…

As overwhelming as gifting may seem, there is no better feeling than watching a loved one smile with surprise and excitement over a perfectly curated gift. To ease the seasonal stress, we’ve compiled a go-to list of gifts for everyone on your list.

1. For the Hostess
Don’t get me wrong, I will never turn down a bottle of wine, but choosing the right bottle can be a tricky ordeal. Here are two alternatives that are sure to standout and show your gratitude for a great party.

A pretty bottle of Olive Oil. Aesthetic and useful.

A bouquet of flowers. Pro-tip: have them delivered early in the day before the party, with a note expressing your excitement. This way, the hostess doesn’t have to mess with a gift while she is entertaining and she can set out the beautiful bouquet for the party.

2. For the Men in your life
Think about his hobbies. Does he like sports? Gaming? Shopping? Hiking? This can help you narrow down your options to find something he’ll appreciate and use.

Give him an experience he’ll never forget. Whether it’s a local baseball playoff, a major NBA championship, or his alma matter’s football game, tickets are an exciting and thoughtful gift. Don’t worry about splurging on the best seats in the house, you can have fun from any view. To the sports guy, this gift says it all.

Shades. We all love them, we all lose them. A new pair of sunglasses is always useful and enjoyed. Great quality sunglasses range in styles and prices to find the perfect match for you guy. Right now, we are loving the Quay x Arod collection for classic looks ($60).

Water bottles are great for any outdoor activities and for saving the environment. He will use it every day and think about how considerate you are. The water bottles by Yeti and Swell will keep his liquids ice-y cold or piping hot all day long. Want to make it extra special? Yeti offers engraving with his initials, first and/or last name.

3. For the Women in your life
Unless you really (really) know her style, stay away from clothes. Instead, go for gifts she is sure to love, something she would love but wouldn’t buy for herself.

For the woman who deserves some relaxation: a gift certificate to the spa. Spas are a great way to circumvent the “gift cards aren’t personal” dilemma because they are all about giving her some “me time.” Check out the spa’s menu and pick out a service you think she might like; pedicure, manicure, facial, massage. The possibilities range in price, so you can choose one to fit your budget.

A framed photo. This gift is thoughtful and timeless. Frame a pic from that fun trip you took together. The one from your last birthday or 10 birthdays ago. Did she recently run a marathon or tough mudder? Frame a finisher’s pic to show her how proud you are of her accomplishment. Frames come in all prices and sizes, so they are great on a budget.

Ask any woman you know, we love a cute journal. There are so many chic notebooks to choose from out there, you are bound to find one that matches her style and personality. Whether she is a write or just likes to take notes, she will get lots of use out of a journal.

4. For the Kids
When you have to buy presents for children who aren’t your own, it can be hard to know what they might like. If you’re close, how about something both the kids and the parent’s would enjoy? Best Aunt/Uncle Ever.

Give the parent’s a night off by taking the kids out. Breakfast for dinner is always a hit and lots of diners (IHOP) let the kids eat free.

Want to spend more time with them? Spend a Saturday at the Rollercade, the Zoo, or a local theme park, they’ll have fun and always remember your adventure.

By Sophie Bauer

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