How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Office

Posted On December 27, 2020

This year has brought a lot of change. Some of us had to step away from the everyday life at an office and switch gears to work from home. It has been an adjustment for us all. While working from home, it can be difficult to focus on the work in front of you.

But you can also look at this as an opportunity. A chance to spruce up one of your old desks or add some new pieces to the work space you already have at home. Here are a few tips to ease that transition, be more productive in a new space, and have fun creating a work environment at home!

Have fun! This is a must. Working from home doesn’t have to be a pain. You can be as creative as you want since it will be in the comfort of your own home. Get that bright colored rug, add multiple plants to the room, slap on some contact paper on your desk. The opportunities are endless.

Designate a space. Not everyone has the luxury of using an entire extra bedroom to use as an office. Instead, you can make a temporary fix by using curtains as a room divider. It will be easier to focus when you have an area that was created solely for work. Separate yourself from all the distractions.

Reuse and repurpose. Use items you already have from home. There’s no need to run out and buy every office item you see. The cost can add up quickly. Think of how much space and organization you’ll actually use. If you have old furniture, revamp it with spray paint, a stencil, or contact paper. See if there are any second hand items available from thrift stores or online marketplaces.

What do you really need? It can be enticing to just buy every cute office supplies you see, but consider what you actually need. Do you need a big desk to be able to have your computer on and write on papers? Or just room enough for a laptop? Are you going to need space to store a lot of books or files? Keep these questions in mind.

Make it green. Place a plant or two on or around your desk. There are so many plants to help produce oxygen and clean the air. Even fake plants add a nice touch to your work space. Plus they’re nice to look at when you’re slumped over a desk for hours.

Natural light. If you have the option, put your workspace near a window so you can let in some light. An alternative is a lamp that recreates the effect of natural lighting. They’re called light therapy lamps. You’ll be spending hours at your desk, so put a lot of thought in where you’ll want to place your desk.

A comfy chair. As mentioned, you’ll be spending hours at your desk, get a chair that is comfortable. Maybe splurge on a new fashionable chair, especially if it’s going to be in a guest room. An alternative is a stability ball office chair, these promote good posture and prevent lower back pain. You should also take several stretch breaks throughout the day. It increases energy and helps you focus. Plus since you’ll be in the comfort of your own home, you can do any of the weird and odd poses without the fear of judgement.

Let everyone know your space. For those who share a home with other people, it can get a little noisy while working. Invest in some noise-cancelling headphones. Let the people you live with that while you’re working, you don’t want to be disturbed. A sign on the door can also send that message.

Keep it clean. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Always try to keep your work area tidy, keep a trashcan nearby. There are endless organization possibilities for home offices; filing cabinets, bookshelf, filing bins. Head to a dollar store near you and you’d be surprised with the useful tubs and pins they have for just $1!

Enjoy it! You can be as imaginative as possible. Include pieces that inspire and motivate you. Make it a space you look forward to using.


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