Avoiding the Winter Weight

Posted On December 11, 2019

After long, hot, summers in Texas, I find myself longing for colder weather. While other states brace for harsh snow storms and perpetual darkness, Texans look forward to a comfortable, and welcomed, chill. Instead of parkas, snow boots, shovels, and hours indoors,Texans lavish in trendy sweaters, pumpkin patches, light scarves, and trails of lights. 

So if we aren’t bundling up and hunkering down like the northerners, why do we declare the same winter weight gain excuses? At a time in Texas when it’s pleasant to be outdoors and to be active, shouldn’t we be even more motivated to stay healthy, to slip in to that form-fitting gala dress, and to hashtag our #winterworkouts? 

For many of us, the pounds creep in despite this ideal environment. If the struggle is real for you too, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled tips, knowledge and motivation for keeping off any excess weight this season and for heading into the new year with resolutions to keep it up instead of starting over.

Be Conscious of Casual Sugar

Pumpkin spice is a trap. A grande sized PSL has 360 calories and an astonishing 50 grams of sugar. That is twice the recommended daily amount of sugar for an adult female. TWICE in ONE drink! Another tempting culprit for drinking sneaky calories and sugar is alcohol. Treating yourself is great and fun, but be weary of trendy seasonal drinking sabotaging your health and wellness. 

Office treats also seem to multiply during the holiday season. Take a bite, indulge every now and then, enjoy your coworker’s homemade confections. The key is consciousness, knowing there will always be another Bundt cake, another cookie, another buñuelo. Set your limits and remind yourself to stick to them. 

Meal Prep 

Winter is party season. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good party, but staying on track is about balance. If you find yourself going out more than usual, find ways to balance out the extra calories (and expenses). One great way to do this is by meal prepping. Pinterest some healthy recipes and take your lunch to the office instead of eating out. At home, keep the fridge stocked with healthy foods so you aren’t tempted. Don’t bring home the leftover brownies from the office party. When you do go out, make an effort to choose healthy options and always make sure you plate has some green (icing does not count) 

Be Active 

Texas winters are beautiful! With the exception of maybe 3 days out of the year, it’s never too cold to be outside. Integrate activity into your lifestyle. Take the stairs whenever it’s an option, walk for a few minutes every hour, run in the mornings as the breeze pushes you forward and the sun warms your cheeks. Not only will staying active help your waistline, it can improve your productivity and mood. 

Looking to shake things up? Try a new workout class or join a new gym before the overcrowding of New Years begins. By the time January rolls around, you won’t be intimidated by the masses and you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. 

Stay Hydrated 

Water is the key to life. Some of the many benefits of staying hydrated include; water heightens energy, increases metabolism, improves concentration, strengthens muscles, clears skin, and cleans out toxins. 

Recommended daily intake of water is eight eight ounce glasses of water. We suggest buying a cute water bottle to catch your attention and remind you to keep drinking. 

By Sophie Bauer


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